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2011_01_foseinstitute1105 Media Group announced today that they are unveiling the FOSE Institute, a series of IT events for 2011.

The event series includes both summit type conferences and expos, including vendor opportunities to interact with employees of the federal government and tech industry. 1105 has created a lineup for the year that will expand on FOSE’s establishment as “the largest government technology event in the country,” said Wyatt Kash, executive director for the FOSE Institute and content director for 1105 Media.

The government conference series for 2011 will focus on management tools and will include events and expos with the topics of: enterprise architecture, information assurance, cybersecurity, cloud & virtualization, and a new conference on geospacial management tools – focusing on non-technical managers within government and educating on decision-making processes within their organizations. Another top priority of the FOSE Institute is the, “effort to enhance educational value of these conferences,” said Kash. To do this, forums to expand on ideas, best practices, the sharing of relevant information between government agencies and the advanced application of technology and innovation in government will all be elements to each FOSE event.

The first event for the FOSE Institute, on knowledge management, will be held May 2 to 4 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. The FOSE Expo will be held July 19 to 21 in Washington. 1105 Media hopes to bring a new energy to their presentations, created with government, industry and academia in mind, to bring a much stronger body of new ideas for government people to the forefront.

Find out more at www.FOSEInstitute.org.

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