A Management Agenda for the Obama Administration


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This current Administration has gained a great deal of attention for its focus on technology. They are looking to build on and expand existing e-government initiatives, increase government’s openness and transparency, make use of so-called Web 2.0 collaborative tools, and explore cloud computing and other mechanisms to reduce existing infrastructure investments. Moreover, technology is being viewed as an enabler in dealing with major challenges in such policy areas as health, transportation, energy, the environment, and so. The importance of information technology (IT) is evidenced by the creation of the first Chief Information Officer(Vivek Kundra) for government and the first Chief Technology Officer (Aneesh Chopra) as well as the roll-out of such new websites as www.data.gov and a dashboard on major government IT projects. But these initiatives are best understood in the broader context of the Administration’s management agenda.

In the FY 2010 Analytical Perspectives volume, the new President outlines a management and performance agenda. That agenda is organized around the following themes:

1. Putting performance first: Replacing the Bush era Performance Assessment Rating Tool (PART) with a new performance improvement and analysis framework;

2. Ensuring responsible spending of Recovery Act Funds;

3. Transforming the federal workforce by reforming the current hiring process and hiring several hundred thousand civilian employees during the next four years;

4. Managing across sectors (e.g., private and nonprofit) and collaborating across levels of government;

5. Reforming federal contracting and acquisition; and,

6. Transparency, technology and participating democracy.

Stay tuned to future issues of Fed Scoop for more on these themes.

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