Americans don’t want to share their fries with the president


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2014_07_fries National French Fry Day is July 13,

A new survey shows that Americans love a singed potato so much that many are unwilling to share french fries with their favorite stars.

A Harris poll, taken as National French Fry Day nears, shows that 33-percent of Americans would not give their last fry to a celebrity; only one in five people would offer up their final, carby bite to President Obama. The celebrity with whom people are most likely to share their fries? Ellen Degeneres.

Americans love french fries so much, in fact, that 42-percent reach for fries first when the starch is on the plate, before the main dish or even a drink. Steak fries and curly fries are the favorite style of potato for Americans, who overwhelmingly favor crispy fries over soft or soggy ones.

When dining out this weekend resist the urge to substitute a salad or a veggie for fries. National French Fry day is July 13.

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