Joel Gurin


New report: Align open data, open source and cloud policies for maximum value

by and • 1 day ago

A new report from the IBM Center for the Business of Government in collaboration with the Center for Open Data Enterprise analyzes “open” government policies and shows how they can be made more effective.


Needed to fight COVID-19: A program for data on social determinants of health

by • 1 year ago

While recent pandemic data models have been valuable, most of them have left out a critical component: the impact of social context on illness and its relevance to COVID-19.


How HHS Can Use Social Data for Better Healthcare

by and • 1 year ago

In this op-ed, the Center for Open Data Enterprise recaps the recent Roundtable on Leveraging Data on the Social Determinants of Health, co-hosted with HHS.


Report: Why health data privacy needs more than HIPAA

by and • 2 years ago

In this op-ed, experts from the Center for Open Data Enterprise detail a new report that helps stakeholders understand the state of health data privacy, shortcomings in the current system, and possible remedies.