Shyam Sankar

Shyam Sankar's parents brought him to the US as a small child to escape the violence and corrupti­on they witnessed firsthand in Nigeria, and to pursue a better life. Growing up, Shyam discovered an early love of software, leading to s­tints as a developer, startup founder, and execu­tive at Xoom, a payments company serving the developing world.

While each of these experiences imparted knowledge, it was Shyam's family's journey - from upheaval, through several entrepreneurial failures, to establishing firmer foo­ting - that most profoundly shaped his aspirati­ons. Shyam joined Palanti­r in 2006 as the first business hire. Today, as President at Palanti­r, he oversees all customer engagements, product strategy, and day-to-day operati­ons worldwide


When is GOTS not in the national interest?

by • 2 years ago

In this contributed op-ed, Palantir's Shyam Sankar argues that government-off-the-shelf technologies are not in the U.S.'s best interest.