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The key to any “bring your own device” solution is to make it possible for users to have access to both their work stuff and their personal stuff on the same device. This is accomplished through methods such as secure containers, application wrapping, and secure connection to the agency’s network.

The release of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10  in January made it possible for organizations to use the native features of their BlackBerry 10 devices to accomplish this goal without going through the major expense of setting up a virtual private network.

Now network administrators that implement BES10 have the option to run Secure Work Space  for iOs and Android, which gives users of those devices access to agency email and contact, and the ability to work on document while keeping in a secure container. Once a user logs in to the Secure Workspace, they can run work-provided apps while keeping their personal data completely separate.

“Secure Work Space builds on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and we found that BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure offered our company the best containerization solution to help mobilize our multi-platform environment, while maintaining a great user experience,” said Thierry Lammers, director and co-founder, e-office mobile. “We’re looking forward to deploying this solution across our organization and to our customers in the coming months and bringing the separation of work and personal data to life on iOS and Android devices.”

To get Secure Workspace for iOS and Android, you need to have either a trial or existing client access licenses of BES10 v10.1. Once your 60-day free trial is over, each CAL for Secure Work Space will run approximately $99/year on top of the cost of the BES10 CAL. This may be more than many organizations will want to pay for this service, but it doesn’t seem out of the ballpark.

You can find out more about Secure Work Space at the BlackBerry for Business blog. There is also a short video that demonstrates what this new feature can do. If you have BES10 or are considering getting it, and have more than a handful of iOS or Android users, then you should probably give it a look.

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