Boosting federal performance with HR process overhaul


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Fiscal austerity seems negative at first glance, but it may be pushing agencies to develop strategies to increase performance and productivity.

The Office of Personnel Management, the Chief Human Capital Officers Council and the Office of Management and Budget recently released a memo on efforts to revise the human capital planning, reviews and reporting framework to boost federal performance.

The first objective of the revision is to create workforce strategies that advance progress on every agency’s mission performance goals and objectives. To do this, OPM and OMB will work with agencies to develop workforce management plans geared toward advancing specific mission goals.

In support of this objective, OPM may implement regulatory changes permitting agencies to use agency Government Performance and Results Act strategic plans and annual performance plans in place of preparing separate human capital plans and reports. This will allow an agency to more readily identify and address HR issues and strategies that affect progress on critical mission goals.

The second objective, streamlining key human resource policies, procedures and technology, will allow agency HR operations to support managers and employees in engaging and retaining talented professionals while minimizing the time and costs associated with HR processes.

OPM and OMB further identified a number of HR plans and reports as possible candidates for elimination or consolidation.

Under the GPRA, agency chief operating officers are required to submit quarterly, data-driven reviews of agency performance. COOs work with program managers responsible for the goals under discussion to determine what the performance data reveals about agency progress toward priority and performance goals, including problems hindering progress.

To accompany these COO-led agency progress reviews, OPM is pilot testing “HRStat,” a new approach to the quarterly human capital reviews, in 16 agencies. HRStat brings CHCOs together quarterly to review key human capital objectives and metrics relevant to an agency’s general HR goals. HRStat sessions would also provide an opportunity for in-depth analysis of the HR problems related to agency goals.

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