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2014_04_hat1 The Christine A. Moore “Adora” Wide Brim is $425 at Proper Topper, but prices for hats start at less than $40. (Photo: Proper Topper)

Easter Sunday isn’t the only chance you’ll have this spring and summer to top off your style with a natty bonnet.

With events like Virginia Gold Cup, the Annual Benefit Luncheon for the Trust for the National Mall and The Woodrow Wilson House Annual Garden Party, warm weather social season in Washington offers plenty of opportunities to push fashion to the brim with a head-turning head piece.

Because not everyone knows the difference between a fedora and a fascinator, we asked Anna Furman from Proper Topper for some advice on making a statement with — and investment in — the perfect hat.

Because hats can be pricey and aren’t worn often, what should a buyer look for if she wants to choose a classic topper?

I think the first step is finding a style that is flattering and comfortable, one you will look forward to wearing again. If it is something that can span a variety of uses like a fancy party, the beach or walking around town. If it can be dressed up or down, then you have a real winner.

What are new trends for hats this spring?

We are seeing lots of pretty pastels, as well as neutrals, in a gamut of vintage-inspired styles, from Downtonesque cloches to dramatic, show-stopping wide brims.

The fascinator: in or out?

2014_04_fascinator The Giovannio “Amy” Fascinator, $235 at Proper Topper.

IN. It became SO in around the time of the royal wedding that it seemed sure to go out again. But the fact is, it is such an easy-to-wear style, and it is just so much fun, it has real staying power.

Does the old “no hats after 6 p.m.” rule still apply?

I don’t believe in hard and fast rules. I think it really is a matter of your own comfort level and common sense.  If you are in an outdoor setting and a hat makes sense, wear one, no matter what time of day. If you are attending an indoor event that is crowded or involves a seating (a dinner, a wedding, a performance), a large-brimmed hat doesn’t make much sense, no matter the time of day — but it is a perfect opportunity for a fascinator!

Besides Easter and other formal events in D.C., when and where can someone wear a fancy hat?

Derby parties, The Tweed Ride, any outdoor graduation ceremony, any Mother’s Day tea or luncheon, any stylish picnic or beach outing — oh, there are so many places!

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