Cryptocurrencies compound federal efforts to curb federal fraud

FBI, Secret Service, USCIS and National Security Council officials describe the unprecedented scale of federal financial fraud, and data tactics to prosecute it.

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Defense Logistics Agency has ‘secret sauce’ for deploying software bots

by • 3 days ago

Bots — many of which are unattended — are resulting in notable savings for the agency.

Senate intelligence committee discusses science and tech monitoring to outcompete China

by • 5 days ago

Experts say the government would benefit from an analytic capability that flags unwanted technology transfers in real time.

Pentagon exploring new Swedish military technology amid talks of NATO expansion

by • 1 week ago

The nations continue to build on years of cooperation associated with emerging technologies.

Why Microsoft views quantum technology as a ‘big prize to go after’

by • 1 week ago

It’s one of many U.S. companies prioritizing this emerging and potentially disruptive field.

Moving quantum committee under White House authority expected to improve inter-agency coordination

by • 2 weeks ago

Quantum industry executives have responded positively to the elevation of the advisory committee.

Spark Tank competition generates new virtual reality training opportunity for Air Force welders

by • 2 weeks ago

Vendors are invited to propose hardware and software capabilities they can provide.

National AI Advisory Committee establishes 5 working groups

by • 2 weeks ago

Trustworthy AI, R&D, the workforce, U.S. competitiveness, and international cooperation are the five initial focus areas.

Energy Department launches council to coordinate AI activities

by • 2 weeks ago

The first meeting of the oversight body is planned for June.

NOAA office with expanding space surveillance responsibilities names new chief

by • 3 weeks ago

Richard DalBello will play a major role in the future of U.S. space situational awareness.

Pentagon hires first chief digital and AI officer from Lyft

by • 3 weeks ago

Craig Martell joins DOD as its first chief digital and artificial intelligence officer from rideshare company Lyft.