US, France agree to increase collaboration on quantum

Both countries want to increase their technical and scientific exchange around quantum computers, algorithms, networks and sensors.

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NOAA strikes climate modeling R&D agreement with Microsoft


The agency will use Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to pilot Earth Prediction Innovation Center projects.

Why ICAM at the edge is critical to enabling mission success


A new report highlights why federal agencies need to think beyond enterprise ICAM policies and deploy localized solutions designed for users operating in dynamic situations.

USPTO eyeing encryption-in-use technology to secure claims data


CIO Jamie Holcombe says the capability could help protect patent applicants' sensitive claims data.

Palantir reports 26% rise in government revenue at Q3


CEO Alex Karp noted that $987 million of the $1.3 billion in government contracts signed during the period were with the U.S. government.

NIST considers launching ‘supersized’ semiconductor manufacturing institute


The agency has the authority to create up to three Manufacturing USA institutes, public-private partnerships intended to boost the domestic supply chain.

IRS seeks tool to help automate solicitation evaluation


The agency wants to improve the efficiency of its procurement teams and help them to meet FAR and customer agencies' requirements.

Department of Energy launches ESnet6 high-performance data-sharing network


ESnet6 increases the Energy Science Network's bandwidth to more than 46 terabits per second for handling data from experiments, models and simulations.

NTIS chief data scientist: Public-private partnership authority can help agencies with explainable AI


The National Technical Information Service helps agencies to improve data collection, labeling and classifying, and use data to ensure machine-learning models can be trusted.

AI Bill of Rights must be accompanied by NIST risk management framework say experts


Bias and privacy risks associated with the technology can't be properly identified until NIST completes much-awaited impact assessments.

NIST to establish online center for trustworthy and responsible AI resources


The center will contain supporting guidance on trustworthy AI's characteristics, use cases and eventually add third-party contributions.