How hybrid work will impact network needs for government agencies

Networking expert Tony Bardo looks at the long-term impacts and costs of hybrid work on agency networking needs and why leaders should rethink their MSP contracts.

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Meeting data and cloud security requirements with a modern analytics platform

by • 1 month ago

To improve data-led insights on the mission, federal agencies need a secure analytics platform that can federate data across their AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

Agencies face continued challenges making security data ready for machine learning

by • 1 month ago

While agencies have advanced capabilities to monitor and analyze user behavioral data, they need added analytics and ML support to improve cyber resilience, according to a new report.

Seven strengths that define a strong managed service provider

by • 2 months ago

A new report looks at the value of an outcomes-based contracting model with MSPs so that agencies can access the skills they need to reach their modernization goals.

How cloud partnerships are forging greater support to help the homeless

by • 2 months ago

Government agencies and non-profits are leveraging the power of cloud — and AWS’s network of partners — to help reduce homelessness across America.

Why an outcomes-based approach offers a smarter path to network modernization

by • 2 months ago

Timing is running out for agencies to transition their IT and telecom services. Defining the art of the possible, rather than replacing gear, offers a faster way to modernize.

How finance regulatory agencies can help the sector mitigate security risks

by • 2 months ago

Resident CISO John Checco discusses critical questions around security, workforce and compliance most pressing for the financial services (FinServ) sector today.

How the pandemic created opportunities for IT modernization at scale

by • 2 months ago

COVID-19 did more than force changes in the way governments deliver IT services — it spawned an entirely new way of thinking about modernization and security.

Using asset management to build a foundation for zero trust

by • 2 months ago

Creating a credible asset inventory has long challenged agencies but integrating SecOps data into a single view can position IT teams to create stronger zero-trust policies.

Cloud IT blind spots pose a growing security threat to agency networks

by • 2 months ago

Cloud security leader Mike Stacy says as agencies integrate more cloud services into their employee workloads, security strategies need to account for greater gaps in visibility.

3 myths about moving to the cloud and how to think about them

by • 3 months ago

U.S. State Department cloud director Brian Merrick and Splunk’s chief public sector strategy advisor Juliana Vida discuss how to address common misperceptions about cloud migrations.