Federal contractor launches pre-award challenge over $15B Polaris solicitation

BD Squared argues that small businesses seeking a spot on the procurement may stand to lose from GSA’s approach to mentor-protégé arrangements.

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DHA awards $2B health IT transformation contract

by • 9 months ago

Peraton subsidiary Perspecta will execute the contract with assistance from Capgemini Government Solutions.

Network modernization strategies to support modern applications

by and • 9 months ago

As agencies upgrade their applications, the networks they depend on need to be more dynamic, redundant and secure.

NSF wants to predict and prevent the next pandemic with AI

by • 1 year ago

The Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention program is convening researchers across multiple fields to develop algorithms for detecting disease outbreaks early.

Small business GWAC awards and a new RFP are coming soon, GSA official says

by • 1 year ago

GSA wants to use STARS III and Polaris to introduce competition at the task order level and expand government's pool of small business IT contractors.

What keeps federal cyber experts up at night about CDM

by • 3 years ago

NASA is an early CDM success story, but continuous monitoring tools need maintaining.

Why it’s such a bad idea for Trump to use an off-the-shelf smartphone

by • 5 years ago

President-elect Donald Trump is a “high risk target” for cyber-espionage and intrusion, private sector cybersecurity experts and former intelligence officials say — a situation only heightened by recent reports suggesting that Trump continues to use an off-the-shelf smartphone that would be less secure than the customized Blackberry provided to President Barack Obama in 2009 by the NSA.

What a Trump presidency could mean for U.S. cyber weapons

by • 5 years ago

Defense contractors developing military grade cyber weapons find themselves in a prime position to capitalize on President-elect Donald Trump’s rise to the White House. With this enormous business opportunity on the horizon, policy and security experts tell CyberScoop they question what Trump’s plan for offensive cyber tools will mean for both those at home and abroad.

U.S. Army will soon be hacked by freelance security researchers

by • 6 years ago

Following the successful implementation of a similar program aimed across the Department of Defense earlier this year, the U.S. Army announced plans to launch its own bug bounty program Friday.

FBI seeks software to mine Twitter ‘firehose’

by • 6 years ago

​The FBI issued a sole-source justification Tuesday to contract a Twitter alerting tool that would give the bureau access to the "full [Twitter] firehose" — ever public tweet — in real time

DHS will report on mobile threats to federal IT

by • 6 years ago

The Department of Homeland Security will present its report to Congress on cybersecurity threats to mobile devices on Dec. 16, the official in charge said Wednesday.