Survey: Though fearful of IoT, companies forge ahead with it


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Ninety percent of companies lack full confidence in the security of their Internet of Things, yet two-thirds of them plan to invest in IoT this year anyway, according to a new CEO guide released by AT&T.

The Internet of Things, online devices from fridges to Fitbits capable of connecting to the Internet, have mushroomed in number over the past year. Currently, over one-third of companies surveyed said they have more than 5,000 connected devices. Another third estimated they deployed from 1,000 to 5,000 devices.

While the technology is expanding, corporate trust in it is not. A mere 10 percent of businesses are fully confident their devices are secure, and 12 percent are highly confident, the survey said. A quarter of survey respondents are already working on IoT-related projects, and 85 percent are considering exploring or implementing a network strategy.

“Bottom line: The IoT’s potential impact on your business is significant — as is the risk,” the guide said.

More security is a needed going forward because “the IoT ecosystem has become a digital petri dish for hackers and other cybercriminals eager to probe for new weak spots,” the guide said. AT&T, for example, found a 458 percent increase in vulnerability scans of IoT devices, according to their Security Operations Center.

To remedy possible issues, the guide recommends companies take four steps: Assess system risk; secure both information and connected devices with protections like data encryption; encourage collaboration between leadership and IT workers; and identify legal and regulatory issues.

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