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The Data Transparency Coalition, the nonprofit that lobbies for government information to be released in machine-readable format, is shortening its name to the Data Coalition and launching a research arm called the Data Foundation.

According to a statement from the organization’s leaders, the rechristening better reflects its commitment to widespread data reform and its central mission to standardize and publish all government information in open data format.

“Our new name reflects the broad impact of open data: not only better transparency for citizens and investors, but also better management within government through analytics and cheaper compliance through standards-enabled automation,” said Hudson Hollister, founder and executive director of the coalition.

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The coalition’s new offshoot, the Data Foundation, is an industry-focused open data research organization that “will illuminate the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data,” through “research, education, and programming.”

Initial support for the foundation is derived from industry-leading members of the coalition, with the addition of accounting firm Kearney & Co.

Together, the Data Coalition and Data Foundation will continue to pursue longstanding initiatives such as the full implementation of the DATA Act and the passage of the Financial Transparency Act. The foundation is expected to begin research projects that include a federal DATA Act survey, a study of standardized business reporting, and a cost-benefit analysis of the Legal Entity Identifier adoption.

“The Data Coalition is driving transformative reforms, like the DATA Act,” said Bryce Pippert, principal at Booz Allen Hamilton and board member of both organizations. “ The new Data Foundation is the industry organization researching the benefits of these types of open data reforms — in support of better transparency for citizens, better management tools for government agencies, and enhancements to how information is shared and managed across government.”

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