Deputy CIO at Social Security Administration leaves post

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The Social Security Administration’s deputy chief information officer left the agency effective Monday.

Herb Strauss, who also served as senior agency official for cybersecurity, began his government career in August 2013, according to his LinkedIn page.

Strauss provided leadership and strategic direction over the agency’s IT investments and infrastructure, which handles data about tens of millions of Americans.

Strauss also was heavily involved in the agency’s efforts to comply with the Data Center Consolidation Initiative, which he discussed in an interview with FedScoop at its 2015 FedTalks.

As Strauss described, that effort meant transitioning the agency to a new data center and trying to lessen its footprint — not getting rid of its data center entirely.

“Ours is a rather unique situation, we had a data center that is more than 30 years old, it is well past its service life and technology had changed dramatically,” Strauss said then. “So the efficiencies that many of the new data centers can realize, we weren’t able to realize.”

The biggest disruptor for the agency in the way it procures, manages and uses IT is customer demand, Strauss said in that interview.

“Customer demand is changing in ways that will drive the enterprise that we rebuilt … and transform the way that we do business because our customers of tomorrow will be less satisfied with services of yesteryear,” he said then.

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