NIST AI framework must take into account global catastrophic risk say UC Berkeley researchers

The academics cite arguments by theorists that instability caused by new AI systems could increase the probability of nuclear war.

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Air Force and Navy ink new supercomputing deal

by • 2 days ago

New high performance computers from Penguin Computing will be able to run 17.6 quadrillion operations per second.

US must lead in ethical application of AI, says Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

by • 5 days ago

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson says government must work with the private sector to manage emerging risks associated with the technology.

The VA is looking to 5G to enable ‘X-ray vision’ for doctors

by • 5 days ago

VA doctors may soon be able to use AR headsets to superimpose medical imaging on a patient for "safer and more effective procedures."

Air Force software platform expansion stalled by cybersecurity concerns

by • 5 days ago

DOD officials say cybersecurity concerns with the Air Force’s Platform One development environment are inhibiting code sharing with other DOD services.

How the Army is getting ready for the next Project Convergence tests

by • 5 days ago

The Army is testing Project Convergence tech in virtual environments before it sends soldiers out into the desert later this year.

DIU adds new venture funding pool for defense tech startups

by • 6 days ago

DIU adds the National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC) fund to its innovation toolkit.

Civil rights organizations want nondiscrimination steps laid out in NIST’s AI guidance

by • 6 days ago

New AI system initiatives should be reviewed for potentially illegal discriminatory treatment or effects, advocacy groups say.

Agencies may want to establish a national strategy for contact-tracing apps

by • 1 week ago

The absence of a national exposure notification app led 26 states, territories and Washington, D.C. to seek out their own.

DDS to transfer counter-drone capabilities to Air Force

by • 1 week ago

Air Force Research Lab's NINJA counter-sUAS program will absorb the Defense Digital Service's drone-sensing capabilities.

DOD elevates CTO and launches new innovation steering group

by • 1 week ago

Kathleen Hicks says the department is trying to shift the focus of the role more towards innovation.