Breakout I

10:45 a.m. — 11:20 a.m.

Track A-1: Implementing a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Moving the enterprise to the cloud present new security challenges for agencies, particularly as data is moved off-premises. Processes and technologies like virtualization, however, can alleviate those concerns, making federal systems both efficient and safe from vulnerabilities.

Ashley Mahan, FedRAMP Agency Evangelist, GSA
Rick Walsh, Lead for Army Commercial Mobile, Cybersecurity Directorate, Office of the Army CIO/G-6, U.S. Army
Doug Bourgeois, Federal Consulting Cloud Leader, Deloitte
Moderator: Bill Rowan, VP, Federal Sales, VMware
Track B-1: Snapshot on Healthcare

The days of paper forms in the doctor's office are over - at least they should be. And as agencies drive toward providing a more electronic health care experience, they are faced with both new opportunities to improve care and challenges, like keeping patients' health data secure.

Seth Carmody, Cybersecurity Project Manager, FDA
Cora Han, Senior Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, FTC
Lauren Thompson, Director, DOD/VA Interagency Programs Office, DOD
Moderator: Frank Nydam, VP & CTO, VMware Healthcare
Track C-1: The Future of Public Safety Communications

After 9/11, the United States came to the sobering realization that public safety communications during emergency weren't where they needed to be. Subsequent disasters, like Hurricane Sandy in 2011, showed we're still not there. But with a growing emergency communications infrastructure, particularly with the advent and funding of FirstNet, first responders may finally be getting the tools they need.

Antwane Johnson, Director, IPAWS Division, National Continuity Programs, FEMA
Teri Takai, Board Member, FirstNet Public Safety Broadband Network
Chris Smith, VP of Technology, Public Sector Solutions, AT&T
Moderator: Tim Merrigan, VP, State, Local & Education, VMware