Breakout I

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM

Track A-1: Public Sector Cloud

Join Ned Miller, McAfee's Public Sector Cloud Business Unit Executive as he moderates a lively discussion regarding several cloud topics to include but not limited to; purchasing cloud services, value and impact for multi-year cloud service subscriptions, integration of cloud services into existing enterprise architectures, FedRAMP ATO's, cloud services & time to value examples, and lessons learned from recent experiences.

Sanjay Gupta, CTO, SBA
Lauren Knausenberger, Director, Cyberspace Innovation, U.S. Air Force
Moderator: Ned Miller, MVISION Cloud Public Sector Business Unit Executive, McAfee
Track B-1: Cyber Threat Intelligence

In today’s cyber world, things happen fast, almost too fast. Billions of devices are out there, all of them a potential ingress points for nation state or criminal bad actors. Therefore, understanding the threat landscape is absolutely mission critical. In this panel, we will help the listener understand what the difference is between threat data and cyber threat intelligence. Additionally, the panel will discuss how organizations can properly apply cyber threat intelligence to efficiently operationalize it and to be more situationally aware and proactive.



David Hogue, Sr. Technical Director, NSA Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center, NSA


David Hogue, Sr. Technical Director, NSA Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center, NSA
Allison Tsiumis, Section Chief, Cyber Division, FBI
Moderator: Pat Flynn, Head, Advanced Programs Group, McAfee
Track C-1: Tech Track — Practical Application of ML in Cybersecurity

Dr. Fralick will demystify analytic marketing terms as well as share best practices in enabling organizations to integrate data science into their solutions. She will emphasize the Analytic Development Cycle, highlighting the importance of validation & verification to maximize error rates and reduce bias.

Celeste Fralick, Chief Data Scientist, McAfee