Breakout II

11:20 AM – 12:05 PM

Track A-2: Cloud Security Insight Into 2020

Join moderator Anand Ramanathan, VP of Product Management for McAfee's Cloud Business Unit as he leads a discussion focused on how government agencies use of cloud services will be valued and measured over the next few years. As agencies and department continue to invest more in cloud IaaS, SaaS and PaaS how will they measure the short and long term benefits in value, performance of the mission and impact to human capital and skill sets. What metrics will matter the most?

Michael Watson, CISO & Director of Security, VITA, Commonwealth of Virginia
Nathan Gilks, Solutions Director, Deep-Secure Ltd.
Rosanna Pellegrino, SVP, Sales & Business Development, Digital Defense
Tim Sandage, Sr. Security Partner Strategist, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS
Moderator: Anand Ramanathan, VP, Product Management - MVision Cloud, McAfee
Track B-2: CDM & App Control

Join moderator Hillary Palmer, Sr. Account Executive & CDM Lead for McAfee as she leads a discussion focused on how government agencies are utilizing CDM, where the program is going and how success will be measured over the next few years. As CDM continues to expand into new functional areas how will they measure the short and long term benefits in value, performance of the CDM mission and agency transformation. What metrics will matter the most?

Kevin Cox, CDM Program Manager, DHS
Scott Davis, Deputy CISO, Dept. of Labor
Jim Piché, Homeland Security Director, FEDSIM, GSA
Moderator: Hillary Palmer, Sr. DHS Enterprise Account Manager & CDM Lead, McAfee
Track C-2: Tech Track — Mobile Threat Briefing — Demonstrating Mobile Hacking Techniques & How to Prevent Them

Mobile devices pose significant information security risks to government agencies. Through a variety of attack methods, such as compromising Wi-Fi connections, the use of malicious access points, attacks on mobile operating systems, side-loading of apps, and introduction of risky/non-compliant apps, cybercriminals can compromise devices to gain access to government networks and data. This session aims to educate attendees on the latest threats to mobile devices, pertinent use cases and how to address security challenges as users increasingly use mobile devices to access government networks and information.

Jon Blackman, Director of Technical Presales for Public Sector, Zimperium
Wilson Patton, Federal Engineer, McAfee
FinServ Executive Session – Invite Only

This session aims to provide participants with a closed-door environment where sharing information and practices around a select number of topics is done properly. Session is a discussion among peers, curated by peers, and around topics presented briefly. Invitation is targeted to the Financial Services Industry and Government Offices involved with Financial Services.

Petko Stoyanov, Chief Technical Strategist, Public Sector, McAfee
Joe Bernik, Chief Technical Strategist, Financial Sector, McAfee