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All products reviewed for FedScoop are given a rating out of 10 in each of the following categories:

Operation: How the product performs — i.e. how strong the processor is, how fast data gets transferred, pages printed per minute, etc. Specific criteria will depend upon what type of product it is, of course, but this will reflect how good a product is at doing its job.

Reliability: How consistently it does what it is supposed to, without stalling or getting stopped for some reason. A low score in this area might indicate frequent paper jams on a printer or significant packet loss from a wireless access point.

User Experience: How easy the device is to use and set up, how the buttons are laid out, etc. Anything that makes using it less tedious.

Flexibility: The number of different ways it can be used, number of different ports, additional software, how much room for upgrades, etc.

Value: What the user gets out of it as compared to its cost, which would include not only its price but cost-to-own factors (printer cartridges, license fees, etc.).

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