Feds’ happiness with job still declining


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The Office of Personnel Management’s annual study of federal employees released Nov. 8 found a continuing drop in employee satisfaction from 2012.

“Factors such as an unprecedented 3-year pay freeze, automatic reductions for sequester…and reductions in training and other areas are clearly taking their toll on the federal workforce,” the report said.

Global job satisfaction for 2013 was 59 percent, dropping 6 percent from 2012. Global job satisfaction was characterized as a combination of job satisfaction, pay satisfaction, organization satisfaction and recommending the organization as a good place to work. The lowest area of satisfaction was with federal pay; only 54 percent of respondents were satisfied.

The agency with the highest satisfaction rate was NASA, with 74 percent.

The study also found more than 90 percent of federal employees are still willing to put in extra effort and feel their work is important.

A total of 376,500 federal employees responded to the survey.

Baby boomers still make up a plurality of the federal workforce at 48 percent. Generation Y, those under 32, now make up almost 13 percent of federal workers and are known for being ambitious, team-oriented multitaskers, according to the study.

In 2012, the survey added the percentage of the LGBT community to the diversity section. The report found almost 3 percent of the federal workforce is LGBT.

“This year, almost 9,000 federal employees identified as LGBT,” the study said.

The majority of the LGBT community, 65 percent, was made up of workers ages 40 to 59.

The diversity section also reported 13 percent of federal workers are disabled, and almost 27 percent are veterans.

Not surprisingly, a majority of veterans work for the Defense Department.

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