FedScoop 50 Q&A: Denise Wofford


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2013_11_Denise-Wofford Denise Wofford, deputy director, CTO, Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

During the FedScoop 50 Awards Nov. 21 reception, FedScoop passed out a fun questionnaire to award winners and nominees to get to know them better outside of the office. Below, we are featuring one of the winners for your enjoyment.

Award: FedMentor of the Year

Name: Denise Wofford

Title: Deputy director, CTO

Agency: Library of Congress, Copyright Office

What’s your favorite weekend activity?


What’s your favorite consumer technology?


What’s your favorite snack?

Chips & guacamole.

Check out Denise’s FedMentor interview below:

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Denise Wofford, Tech