FedScoop welcomes Greg Crowe as tech reviewer, Gadget Guy blogger


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2013_06_Greg-Crowe Greg Crowe, FedScoop’s new tech reviewer and blogger.

I’m excited to announce and welcome FedScoop’s most recent addition to the editorial team: Greg Crowe, who will be the new technology reviewer and Gadget Guy blogger.

As a veteran tech reviewer for the past 15 years, Greg knows the ins and outs of most gadgets and has mainly focused on technology used in the government space. In addition to writing weekly tech reviews on a wide array of technologies, Greg will share his insight on related trends and hot topics.

“With this blog, I hope to let our readers know about our constantly changing technology and how it might affect how they do things,” Greg said. “I also hopes this blog will entertain and amuse while doing so.”

Before Greg joined FedScoop, he spent seven years at GCN reviewing tech for the government work space. However, his interest in all things tech dates back much further than that, to his years at Frostburg State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After graduation, Greg spent some time in the Peace Corps in Kenya, teaching computers to students — without actually having a computer to show them.

You can read more about Greg’s background in his first Gadget Guy blog post. Make sure to follow his daily dispatches on the blog and weekly tech reviews! We hope you are as excited as we are about welcoming Greg to our editorial team.

Welcome to FedScoop, Gadget Guy!

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