Four ways to mark St. Patrick’s Day during #ShamrockSnow


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A snow day in March? Mother Nature must be Irish.

Despite the white-covered ground, green beer will still flow in Washington today. But if you want a more dry and cozy St. Patrick’s day, here are four ways to mark the holiday from home.

1.  Have an Irish Coffee with your Lucky Charms

A snow day on St. Patrick’s Day is practically a mandate to day-drink. Grab a green mug and top off your coffee with an ounce and a half of whiskey, a teaspoon of brown sugar and a dollop of whipped cream.

2. Watch a famous Patrick movie

Turn off The Weather Channel and have a movie day! “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayze, “Sweet Home Alabama” with Patrick Dempsey, or “Patrick: Evil Awakes” are films that let you give a nod — at least in name — to today’s celebrated saint while honoring the laziness of what is surely the last day of winter weather before the first day of spring arrives later this week.

3. Make your own green beer

There’s no need to slug through the snow to a bar. All you need is food coloring to give your favorite ale a holiday hue. Add a few drops of liquid food coloring in green to the bottom of your mug, and top it off with beer. Let the food coloring tint the drink on its own; stirring will cause the brew to turn flat.

4. Society Fair’s My Irish Table date night bag

If you’re feeling especially lucky today, try to reserve a gourmet dinner bag filled with an Irish feast: corned beef and potatoes, cabbage and Guinness. The meal is made with recipes from “My Irish Table,” the cookbook by Restaurant Eve Chef Cathal Armstrong.

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