Gov Actually Episode 11: How Regulation Works


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Where does the legislative process end and agencies’ power to regulate begin?

On this episode of the podcast, Susan Dudley, former administrator of the Office of Information and Regulation Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, joins hosts Danny Werfel and Dan Tangerlini to discuss the regulatory process and the shift — if any — in high-profile regulations under the newly inaugurated Trump administration.

In most cases, the government operates pretty consistently, the hosts say.

For instance, Werfel says, “there are certain activities that just don’t change all that much. Food safety inspectors are still likely going to do a similar way of approaching the job regardless of whether it’s a Republican or Democrat.”

“Every president has directed agencies and OIRA to oversee agencies…to make sure new regulations do more good than harm — that you do the analysis, you do that net-benefit test,” says Dudley, director of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center. “Every president has also said, ‘Let’s also look at the regulations that are in place, the exisiting regulations, and let’s see if they’re working as intended.'”

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