GSA calls for blockchain and machine learning to speed acquisition

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The General Services Administration is looking to speed up acquisition by harnessing innovative machine learning and blockchain technologies.

The administration released a request for quotes June 19 to improve its Multiple Award Schedules FASt Lane program. FASt Lane was implemented in 2016 to give government agencies timely access to new technology innovation by shortening processing times.

Now, GSA says it has up to $149,999 to offer to contractors for a proof of concept that can further improve FASt Lane processing and proposal review times with distributed ledger technology — the foundation of blockchain technology, which also forms the basis of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin — automated machine learning, artificial intelligence based technologies and electronic interchange technology.

“The mission is to reduce the amount of human interaction required to review new proposal documents, improve offeror experience during the new offer proposal process, and reduce the review time for new proposal reviews to award,” the RFQ reads.

Proposals are due by July 10, and a proof of concept from the selected contractor is due on Sept. 30.

The RFQ seeks solutions that are cryptocurrency agnostic, integrate IT systems, operate with open source, open platform and open data, and employ a FedRamp Moderate authorized cloud platform.

Other requirements include:

  • Include a design concept of the proposed solution which may include, but 5 not limited to, design concepts such as wireframe, mockup, customer journey, etc; demonstrating potential benefits.
  • Have the ability to configure smart contracts based on multiple decision rules and workflows.
  • Use machine learning algorithm(s) to provide interim evaluation results for new proposals submitted through the FASt Lane process.
  • Allow for authorized nodes that will become part of the ledger network.
  • Be a permissioned ledger that uses multiple cloud platforms for redundancy and high-availability and key management.
  • Demonstrate a secured solution including identity.
  • Be scalable and interoperable across the whole MAS program.
  • Be tested/developed in contractor’s environment.
  • Automate the process listed in Attachment 1, FASt Lane Process except for proposal rejection or contract award.
  • Define the technical solution approach criteria.
  • Demonstrate potential integration with GSA Access Card PKI credentials for authentication of GSA employees and compatibility with Federal PKI Bridge. GSA currently utilizes ActivIdentity Activclient and SecureAuth software.
  • Provide for a minimum of a three-month period for testing and demonstration of the functionality of the proof of concept.

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