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The General Services Administration has launched a series of upgraded digital tools intended to streamline resource accessibility for federal identity, credential and access management, better known as the FICAM program.

This latest series of FICAM updates includes a modified version of its website as well as the launch of FICAM Playbooks.

The federal CIO Council introduced the FICAM framework in 2009 to “provide a common segment-architecture for identity, credential, and access management for use by Federal agencies,” according to a post from the GSA.

The intention was to unify federal agencies in a common security and access system. Since then, it has undergone multiple updates to make the program more ergonomic.

“In today’s digital world, it’s imperative that government agencies safeguard citizens’ physical and electronic security. In the world of Federal IT, adopting and advancing cybersecurity can’t be accomplished in one day, or by one agency,” FICAM Program Director Jim Sheire wrote in a June 7 GSA post. “Federal agencies must work together to tackle complex problems and stay ahead of evolving network threats.”

The new website allows for greater engagement with the FICAM community as well as self-education through new user-intuitive structures, including simpler navigability and content displays.

Sheire promised a website customer satisfaction survey in the coming months to assess the benefits of the new

The FICAM Playbooks are new to the architecture, placing all archived identity, credential and access management information from federal agencies into an online format for facile cross-agency access. The playbooks feature additionally reasserts the program’s commitment to community engagement by presenting a forum for both federal agencies and private industry partners to discuss questions and issues related to identity, credential and access management programs.

As of today, three FICAM Playbook sites are live: Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Guide, Enterprise Architecture Guide, and Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI) Guide.

In his GSA post, however, Sheire wrote that five more playbooks can be expected to launch in the coming months:

  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Federation
  • Program Management

GSA hopes members of the general public will help in contributing to those future playbooks, Sheire says.

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