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As I come onboard as FedScoop’s Gadget Guy blogger and technology reviewer, I thought it would be a good idea to let readers know a bit more about me. So, here it goes.

Before writing reviews of computer hardware and software, I did a little of everything — from network administration to web design and programming. I find the skills I learned in those jobs helped give me a good, broad-based tech perspective for my writing.

For the record, I graduated from Frostburg State University in the early 1990s with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. While I had the atypical fortune to actually find work in the area of my degree, unfortunately I, like many CompSci majors, found only few of the skills I’d honed from college courses had application in the real world. I had to learn most of how things were really done the same two ways many of my colleagues had — on the job and left to my own devices.

After college, I had a short stint in the Peace Corps in Kenya, where I tried to teach computers to students without the benefit of actually having a computer to show them. This may have been one of the most difficult challenges I’ve experienced. But my time there is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Once I was back, I started out being a network tech on the usual types of systems for the time: Banyan, Novell, IBM — talk about blasts from the past. I also worked on every kind of personal computer, building them from components and performing all sorts of upgrades. These types of jobs let me keep up with new technology as it became available, but of course those jobs didn’t keep me as current as when I write reviews.

Well, that’s a little bit about me. I am really looking forward to getting this blog going, and getting my hands on some technology to review. Excuse me while I get to that.

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