In hybrid IT, look before you leap, HPE CTO says

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HPE Software CTO David Wray has two pieces of advice for agencies looking to move into hybrid IT: Don’t rush into it, and ask for help.

“A lot of times they may rush into using a service provider or even a [software-as-a-service] provider to save cost, when in reality it’s not the best application or use of hybrid IT,” Wray said in a FedScoop TV interview.

Wray defines hybrid IT as “the focus on moving workloads around efficiently and having the flexible capacity that you may need within your private cloud, within your agency, to leverage workloads in a public cloud or even a shared, federally approved environment.”

While hybrid IT is a useful solution for applications that are only used on occasion or require flexibility on-demand, Wray said, government agencies must ensure that they do thorough assessment and review to identify which applications and workloads are best suited for the environment before making the switch.

“It really should be about the cost savings first, and the governance,” Wray said. “It should not be about simply trying to move to cloud because you’re mandated to do it through either a cloud-first initiative, or because you’re trying to, let’s say, punt the football for things like cybersecurity and IT asset management and some of the things that you really need to do regardless of whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud.”

When done right, hybrid IT offers benefits for environments with heavy collaboration requirements and needs for storage, bandwidth and access, Wray said. He cites the move toward data center consolidation over the past decade as an example of the importance of baseline assessment of assets to properly optimize IT needs.

“A lot of those efforts, some were successful, but many agencies had false starts mainly because they didn’t understand their inventory, they didn’t understand their assets, and they built data centers before they understood their capacity needs,” he said.

Wray also emphasizes asking for help in implementing IT transformation, explaining that his company offers specific solutions for implementing transformational needs defined by FITARA and other recent mandates.

“We have solutions that can actually fast-forward a lot of those initiatives to help out,” Wray said.

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