IARPA challenges coders to create 3-D mapping algorithm


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IARPA is hosting a challenge to develop an algorithm to create 3-D maps from satellite information. (IARPA)

Sometimes two dimensions just aren’t enough. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is challenging coders to develop a way to accurately produce 3-D maps from satellite photos.

Beginning July 11, the Multi-View Stereo 3-D Mapping Challenge will have contestants from both industry and academia attempt to find an algorithm that can change satellite images to usable 3-D coordinate points.

With the information, IARPA hopes to develop a more accurate way to automatically find measurements.

“Numerous commercial satellites, including newly emerging CubeSats, cover large areas with higher revisit rates and deliver high-quality imagery in near real-time to customers,” IARPA Program Manager Hakjae Kim said in a statement. “Although the entire Earth has been, and continues to be, imaged multiple times, fully automated data exploitation remains limited.”

The challenge will offer a $100,000 prize pool, spread out between its two phases. The first part — the Explorer Contest — will begin next week and offer $14,000 worth of prizes. The more difficult Master Contest will begin in September, with winners announced in October.

IARPA has hosted two challenges before, including a contest to build a speech recognition system in a noisy environment.

The intelligence community research agency provides open source software and more information on the rules on its website. Those interested in participating can register on topcoder.com.

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