DISA takes over cloud office from DOD CIO

The cloud office already works closely with DISA, but will officially move to the agency by the end of the month.

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Biden calls for ‘most ambitious effort ever’ to modernize federal IT, cybersecurity

by • 4 days ago

"President-elect Biden is calling on Congress to launch the most ambitious effort ever to modernize and secure federal IT and networks," says a fact sheet.

JADC2, but for medics: Military looks to link medical networks, data

by • 4 days ago

It's not just tactical battle networks the military is looking to link together. A new request asks for prototypes to connect medical data and networks.

GSA wants to be an ‘end-to-end digital entity’

by • 5 days ago

The agency has digitized most of its intellectual assets, but now it wants to reengineer its business processes to continually improve their efficiency.

The public sector’s path to modern customer identity and access management

by • 5 days ago

To meet the expectations of users, reduce development time and eliminate potential security gaps, identity is key.

The pandemic isn’t the only thing pushing CIOs to modernize IT

by • 6 days ago

Many needs predate the global crisis, according to the Professional Services Council, and will need attention moving forward.

Air Force pushing ‘mission-critical’ applications to zero trust

by • 1 week ago

The Air Force is moving quickly to Zero Trust.

How the DOD is leading the charge on zero trust

by • 1 week ago

A look at the DOD's leading push to zero trust.

Authentication tools alone will not be enough to secure networks

by • 2 weeks ago

Remote work conditions underlined deficiencies in PIV authentication, and the need for dynamic authentication to improve zero-trust security.

CDO tips for tackling federal data strategy challenges

by • 2 weeks ago

Federal agency chief data officers from the FCC and EEOC share strategies for breaking data challenges into manageable pieces.

Pentagon’s chief management officer role disbanded

by • 2 weeks ago

The Chief Management Office is no more, following the enactment of the NDAA.

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