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cb13-200-Graphic2 The Census Bureau’s Dwellr app gives users access to socioeconomic, demographic and house statistics from the American Community Survey.

Looking for a new place to live? Want to find out if your dream city is really everything you expected? The Census Bureau can help, with a new app released Nov. 26.

Dwellr puts census information at users’ fingertips on their smartphone. The app provides access to socioeconomic, demographic and house statistics from the American Community Survey.

“The Census Bureau uses 21st-century technology to meet its centuries-old mission, making the statistics that define our growing, changing nation more accessible to the public than ever before,” a statement from the bureau said.

App users can also personalize characteristics of what they look for in a place to live. The app then generates a list of top 25 towns or cities that fit the description. It saves the information and compares those characteristics to new places users visit as well.

The bureau hopes developers will take the data and use it in other applications and programs.

“The statistics in dwellr are only the beginning of a powerful story you can tell with Census Bureau data,” according to the statement. “Imagine if an app matched your preferences with restaurant reviews, places with museums or most visited parks.”

The Census Bureau has recently been aligning itself with the digital government strategy, which works to make open data more accessible through innovative media.

The bureau released its America’s Economy app in 2012. It uses 19 key economic indicators such as employment and manufacturing to measure the strength of the economy. The app has more than 10,000 downloads.

The Census Bureau is also currently working on upgrading its website,, to feature enhanced search and navigation.

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