DISA takes over cloud office from DOD CIO

The cloud office already works closely with DISA, but will officially move to the agency by the end of the month.

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JADC2, but for medics: Military looks to link medical networks, data

by Jackson Barnett • 4 days ago

It's not just tactical battle networks the military is looking to link together. A new request asks for prototypes to connect medical data and networks.

GAO: Pentagon’s critical technology communication efforts need work

by Sara Wilson • 5 days ago

The Department of Defense began a revised process for taking inventory of its critical technology, but hasn't determined how to communicate that list to key entities.

To get more use out of data, DOD needs to cut some old sources, Air Force CIO says

by Jackson Barnett • 5 days ago

"There are a lot of data sources that need to go away," Lauren Knausenberger says.

GSA removing all non-DOD approved drones from multiple-award contracts

by Jackson Barnett • 5 days ago

GSA is removing all drones not cleared by the Defense Innovation Unit, limiting agencies to five options for small devices and amending 20 MAS contracts.

DOD nudges innovative startups toward ‘trusted capital’ with new digital marketplace

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

In what was likely her last press conferences at DOD, Ellen Lord announced the creation of the Trusted Capitol Digital Marketplace.

Air Force pushing ‘mission-critical’ applications to zero trust

by Jackson Barnett • 7 days ago

The Air Force is moving quickly to Zero Trust.

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