State Department’s security procurement division lacks integrated IT for ‘efficient’ contracting

The department should schedule potential systems improvements based on the results of an IT architecture analysis, according to its OIG.

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TTS awards 4 contracts for governmentwide agile services

by Dave Nyczepir • 3 days ago

The BPAs are part of a broader push to accelerate digital transformation through shared services.

Congressional report calls for DOD tech to be built at home

by Jackson Barnett • 3 days ago

Supply Chains are a critical part of DOD's defense and are vulnerable to disruption and attack, according to a new report.

Shield AI buys company whose AI beat a fighter pilot in a dogfight

by Jackson Barnett • 3 days ago

Shield bought Heron Systems, which won the much-hyped AlphaDogfight trials that pitted a fighter pilot against AI in a simulated dogfight.

Google to provide Air Force’s maintenance office a cloud ‘ecosystem’

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

Google Cloud will build an ecosystem of backend technology to support the Air Force's maintenance office, the company announced.

Energy awards $28M to 5 supercomputing projects

by Dave Nyczepir • 6 days ago

Winners will research quantum information science and chemical reactions with clean energy applications.

Army Research Lab’s new ‘autonomy stack’ speeds up self-driving tech development

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

The Army's autonomous vehicle program got a boost from a new tech stack and business process that allowed for greater collaboration.