DOD’s innovation ecosystem is growing, but strict compliance is a barrier, DARPA director says

New requirements for contractors have been added in recent years, including the need to rid their networks of specific Chinese-made technology and to ensure their cybersecurity meets basic DOD standards.

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Air Force can now deploy drones from other drones

by Jackson Barnett • 2 days ago

The Air Force Research Lab successfully launched a small unmanned system from a larger drone mid-flight, the lab said.

Six months into JAIC 2.0, DOD still needs to move faster on AI

by Jackson Barnett • 2 days ago

The Joint AI Center's transformation into 'JAIC 2.0' has brought added speed to AI adoption, but not enough, its director said.

White House asks for $5B to fund VA IT in 2022

by Jackson Barnett • 5 days ago

The $4.8 billion top-line IT number is just shy of the enacted $4.9 billion given by Congress last year.

Final CMMC rule expected to be finished in about a month

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

The CMMC DFARS rule could be final soon as the government works through feedback from industry and trade groups on the program.

Military-wide data requirements document coming soon, Joint Chiefs’ Hyten says

by Jackson Barnett • 6 days ago

Gen. John Hyten said a council he leads is working on a data requirements directive that should lay a detailed foundation for how to the military can use big data.

Navy planning 4 major tests for network integration in 2021

by Jackson Barnett • 7 days ago

The Navy plans at least for major tests this year of its Project Overmatch system, its vision to help create an Internet of Things for military operations.

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