Party trick: eating and drinking while standing


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Does drinking and eating while standing at a business reception or cocktail party leave you feeling just awkward?

A plate of jalapeno poppers, a glass of chardonnay and clever conversation with strangers you want to impress is a lot to manage with just two hands. Throw in the interruption of many mid-bite handshakes and the fear of dropping your food or spilling your drink.

All those distractions can really take the happy out of a happy hour.

2012_10_drinkingandeating Photo: Patra Wroten

Recently, at a cocktail reception in Washington, I saw a man in full command of both the room and his party favors. I asked him if I could steal a photo of how he was managing his food and drink with such ease. As someone who tends to place a full wine glass atop a plate in hopes that it stays balanced while I nibble, I was impressed with how he had single-handedly mastered the art of eat and great networking.

Party Trick: Hold the stem of your glass between your pinky and your ring finger.  Use your thumb and index finger to balance your plate.

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