Party trick: How to talk about the weather


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2012_10_8125127055_106c22bb84_z NASA Sees Hurricane Sandy as the “Bride of Frankenstorm” threatens the U.S. east coast (Photo: NASA Goddard)


It doesn’t have quite the stigma around the dinner table as its cousins politics and religion, but weather is not a topic seasoned conversationalists explore with pride.

If a chat has gone the way of the temperature, there’s a good chance someone is yawning. Unless, of course, you live in Washington. Here, our weather talk is peppered with fun words like snowmeggedon, derecho and frankenstorm.

Party trick: Impress even the wonkiest wannabe-weatherman by reading the forecast discussion message board at the National Weather Service.

With just a quick glance at the page, one might worry this site is as boring as the music on The Weather Channel. If you can overlook all the all-caps and and comb the plain pages for intel, you’ll discover the sometimes-dramatic early forecasting TV meteorologist are slow to report. These are the Doppler aces who pontificated the 2010 blizzards days before local forecasters even hinted at snow.

With their help, you could be the life of every hurricane party.

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