‘What are you working on?’ with GSA’s Kathy Conrad


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Kathy Conrad, principal deputy associate administrator for the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at the U.S. General Services Administration, discusses what she’s working on with FedScoopTV.


“Our office is directly involved in helping agencies implement the Digital Strategy. We’ve released a digital analytics program that’s provided tools for agencies to measure the performance of their websites and customer satisfaction. [We recently] released analytics for social media. We are also working on the transformation of Data.gov to help data across the government be more open and more accessible and have more context so it’s more easily used by developers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, parents, whomever. We’re also working with our FedRAMP program. We’ve issued two provisional authorizations and are moving to full-operating capability in the third quarter of this year. And then another exciting development to look for is USA.gov will be released with responsive design so it’s even more accessible for mobile devices, keeping in mind the goal to have government information be available anywhere anytime, on any device.”

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