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Not long ago at a wedding, I was camped out in a corner with throbbing feet after a night of socializing and dancing. From a tiny handbag my friend pulled out a pair of ballet flats that were rolled tightly into a fist-sized ball, and insisted I trade out my heels for her soft slippers. 

It’s a shame when something upstages the bride, but on that night a pair of disposable shoes changed my life forever.

In L.A. and Vegas you’ll find vending machines dispensing disposable shoes. While it’s unlikely a shoe machine will pop up at Capitol Hill Club anytime soon, with a bit of forward thinking and less than 20 bucks, you can make certain the pain of a night in heels never leaves you tempted to walk the streets of D.C. in  bare feet.

Drugs stores in Washington sell brands like Dr. Scholl’s (that come in basic black) or the most glam in relief footwear, Rollasoles, can be purchased online. Most brands are good for many, many wears!

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