Transforming Digital Services — A FedScoop Special Report

The Biden administration has placed a greater emphasis on enhancing the federal government’s digital services delivery as one of the key tenets of the president’s management agenda. Government must strive to provide a better customer experience and reach Americans in new, innovative ways they’ve come to expect in their daily lives, the White House says.

While many Americans rely now on digital services for much of their daily lives — from transportation and health care to shopping and feeding themselves — the same cannot always be said for how they interact with their federal government. But in many cases, that is changing, driven in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to engage citizens virtually.

As Federal CIO Clare Martorana put it recently: “I am asking everyone here today to be unwilling to postpone what is possible. We need to accommodate each person’s needs and … give them the exceptional customer experience that is on par with their favorite consumer brands.”

Martorana has said it is a priority in her role as Federal CIO to empower “Chief Information Officers across government to place our customers — our citizens — at the center of everything we do. This means we must understand what our customers need so we can adjust our delivery methods to improve our service. It also requires us to organize around users and services instead of information systems.”

In this special report, you’ll learn more about how the federal government is working to transform its digital services to provide a customer experience that rivals, and in some cases exceeds, what Americans are receiving from those top private sector innovators.