Why CWM solutions offer users a powerful way to streamline work

A growing number of organizations and project teams are discovering the value of user-centric software called collaboration work management solutions.

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Moving from predictive to data prescriptive analytics

by • 1 month ago

The evolution of modern data management platforms gives agencies not only greater insights, but greater ability to take recommended actions.

From the CISO’s desk: building a stronger cybersecurity posture

by • 1 month ago

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the New Jersey Court was prepared to pivot quickly to meet new risk, thanks to efforts to build a comprehensive cybersecurity framework.

How developing a strong identity strategy can better serve citizens

by • 1 month ago

By establishing an identity proofing and verification strategy, public sector agencies can more proactively deliver services to citizens in need.

Building a data strategy to improve decisions across lines of business

by • 2 months ago

Agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau are reducing operational costs and improving the security of their data with enterprisewide data strategies and tools, a new report says.

How to address security visibility across multicloud environments

by • 2 months ago

Federal agency security leaders can take advantage of a new suite of automation tools to gain comprehensive cybersecurity awareness, a new report says.

How agency leaders can prepare a future-ready government

by • 2 months ago

A collection of stories illustrates ways to reimagine a new approach to modernization - with an emphasis on speed, security and scale to respond to crisis and achieve the mission.

How new API adapters bring unity to the tangle of cybersecurity reporting tools

by • 2 months ago

Federal agencies now have a better model for managing their IT assets — and the tools that track them — on-prem and in the cloud.

The 6 pillars of zero trust and where to start

by • 2 months ago

A new report highlights how agencies can fast-track their zero-trust security efforts while also outlining a longer-term roadmap for achieving zero-trust maturity.

Why data virtualization offers a better path to decision making

by and • 3 months ago

Data lakes have been all the rage, but for federated data, virtualization fabrics offer greater speed, agility and utility for more users.

Thinking strategically: zero trust is a long game

by • 3 months ago

How agencies can take an incremental approach to create a zero-trust architecture strategy.

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