Modern tools that improve how agencies manage their recruiting process

Government leaders can take advantage of modern tools which improve the recruiting process by allowing collaboration among all stakeholders on a single platform.

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Deliver quality citizen services and track interactions from start to finish

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Build stronger connections between citizens, employees, governments, services and the information they all need by tracking interactions in one place.

Streamline stakeholder outreach

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Reach your audience with the world’s #1 email marketing platform and drive valuable engagement at the right moment.

Manage cases with ease

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

View all case data and related interactions in a searchable, secure platform and create a unifying help desk experience for agents.

3 steps to accelerate digital transformation in the public sector

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Can the same digital technologies that have transformed the private sector help public agencies improve efficiencies to better serve stakeholders?

How to modernize employee engagement across departments and regions

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Simplify employee engagement with an integrated platform that improves help desk services, streamlines the way appointments are created and connects the right employees, at the right time, across agencies and geographies.

Attract and retain top talent in government agencies

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Attract, nurture and retain high-quality talent to government agencies by modernizing the service provided throughout the hiring and onboarding process.

How to create a better connected environment with a highly dispersed workforce

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Amtrak shares its story of integrating a workspace to enabled leadership to connect its workforce and keep its logistics heavy mission moving forward.

Improve trust and compliance with apps that protect, monitor and retain critical data

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Take trust and compliance to a new level by protecting your enterprise with point-and-click tools integrated across all of your business-critical apps.

How modern platforms improve information sharing and impact mission delivery

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

How modern platforms help agencies consolidate and reduce redundant processes and optimize the development and management of APIs and integrations; on-premises or in the cloud.

What is the future of work? How AI and automation change the skills needs

by Julia Weaver • 1 week ago

Learn how new technology is changing the future of work and discover strategies for how to stay ahead of the curve.

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