3 myths about moving to the cloud and how to think about them

U.S. State Department cloud director Brian Merrick and Splunk’s chief public sector strategy advisor Juliana Vida discuss how to address common misperceptions about cloud migrations.

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IT Insights: Interview with AWS’s U.S. government VP Dave Levy on innovation in the public sector

by • 2 weeks ago

AWS Vice President for U.S. government, non-profit and healthcare, Dave Levy, talks about building a culture of innovation in the public sector.

Imposter email attacks: Overcoming ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ threats

by • 2 weeks ago

Proofpoint fraud expert Rob Holmes looks at how threat actors are exploiting agency supply chains to launch imposter email attacks and compromise agency networks.

Three principles to ensure a secure remote workforce

by • 2 weeks ago

A recent Okta report outlines how agencies can secure their remote and hybrid workforce while meeting new federal zero-trust security requirements.

Observability: Modern tools for modern challenges in multi-cloud environments

by • 2 weeks ago

Dynatrace federal CTO discusses how observability — a holistic system applying automation and intelligence in a single platform — can help agencies proactively improve performance and security through deep visibility and insight.

How federal agencies are shifting IT investment strategies

by • 2 weeks ago

A new FedScoop survey reveals strong support from federal government leaders for hybrid infrastructure investments to meet the current realities of hybrid work and mission needs.

The ‘Big Bang’ of USAF application modernization

by • 3 weeks ago

Former U.S. Air Force software chief Nicolas Chaillan highlights how open source software container platform helped deploy software services on the U-2 in less than two weeks.

Enabling an anywhere workforce in government

by • 1 month ago

Technology leaders at U.S. Census Bureau, the State of Ohio and Dell Technologies describe how public sector agencies shifted cultural as well as IT gears during the pandemic.

How the cloud is spurring innovation in U.S. housing finance

by • 1 month ago

Felipe Millon, housing finance lead for Amazon Web Services (AWS), points to Fannie Mae for lessons in how the cloud gives federal housing finance customers opportunities to experiment with new IT solutions.

How Arizona saved $40 billion in payouts on fraudulent unemployment claims

by • 1 month ago

A new report looks at how states like Arizona are adopting modern identity verification tools to save billions in fraud and provide benefits to eligible claimants.

The case for establishing an interoperable zero trust foundation for JADC2

by • 1 month ago

To achieve the vision for Joint All-Domain Command and Control, the services and mission partners would all benefit from a common foundation of zero trust capabilities.