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2013_08_Edward_Snowden-2 Edward Snowden and his secret sharing is the Harris Poll’s Scandal of the Summer for 2013 (Photo: Praxis Films)

After months of secret leaking, a Food Network firing and do-you-know-who-I-am arrests, at least Miley Cyrus had the good sense to make headlines after Harris Interactive twerked the minds of Americans about whom they most hold in disrepute.

The Harris Poll is pointing a big foam finger at summer’s most negative newsmakers, and Edward Snowden tops the list. Here are this summer’s top 5 scandals:

1. Snowden’s secrets

Edward Snowden’s leak of details about U.S. mass surveillance programs to the press has been followed by 70 percent of Americans, making it the “Scandal of the Summer.” It’s also the story about which people want to know more. While people found most gossipy headlines were covered too much by the press, about 25 percent of those polled want to know more about the Snowden story.

2. Paula Deen gets canned

She’s fired, y’all. After allegations of racism, the Food Network dropped Paula Deen, and more than half (53 percent) of the country ate this story up.

3. Baseball and steroids

The performance-enhancing drug revelations and related suspensions in Major League Baseball gets the poll’s third strike.

4. Weiner texts

The texting habits of Anthony Weiner before he became a mayor candidate in New York put a shadow over the former congressman’s campaign. While 40 percent of people followed this story, 70 percent of Americans claim they would not want Weiner leading their city.

5. Celebrity struggles

While more than half (77 percent) of people polled think the arrests or personal downfalls of famous people should not be considered news, more than 20 percent followed the arrests of actresses Amanda Bynes and Reese Witherspoon.

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