Public engagement, climate change among key themes for latest 10x funding round

by • 8 months ago

Federal employees have until Nov. 16 to submit proposals for the latest funding round.

More mature 10x program selects 22 new projects

by • 1 year ago

Phase 1 projects fit with three new priorities set last year: rebuilding public trust, environmental protection and promoting equity.

GSA planning to lend tech, acquisition expertise to support scaling TMF

by • 1 year ago

Personnel from the Centers of Excellence and Presidential Innovation Fellows program may be tapped for project evaluation improvements after the TMF received $1 billion for pressing modernization projects.

10x’s work on catching duplicative grants shows where GSA office is headed

by • 3 years ago

The National Science Foundation first identified the problem as agencies increasingly turn to 10x for tech solutions.

Building the PRA Guide meant extra paperwork, but 18F says it was worth it

by • 3 years ago

The project brings subject-matter expertise from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and plain language content expertise from 18F together in one place.

DigitalGov and 18F launch practical guide to the Paperwork Reduction Act

by • 3 years ago

Plain language answers to your questions — do I need clearance? And how does that work exactly? — are here.