Navy to divide PEO EIS into two new offices for enterprise IT acquisitions

by • 2 weeks ago

One office will be for just for digital and IT acquisitions, and another will be for "manpower, logistics and business solutions" applications.

CMMC won’t apply to commercial-off-the-shelf suppliers, DOD website shows

by • 3 weeks ago

DOD officials have long said every single defense contractor will need CMMC certification, but new info says otherwise.

Flying cars will bring new tech, new acquisition models to the Air Force

by • 4 weeks ago

Flying cars will offer a look into the future of transportation and military acquisition.

Navy opens up $30M in small business tech funding to stabilize supply chain

by • 4 weeks ago

The Navy plans to spend more than $250 million in the next 90 days with small businesses that provide the department advanced technology.

ECS wins award to develop AI platforms for Army

by • 4 weeks ago

The deal comes amid what the Army calls a "foundational" year for data migration and IT modernization that will form the basis of future deployments of AI.

Navy using real-time tracking system to stay ahead of coronavirus supply chain risks

by • 1 month ago

The Navy is overlaying real-time data of the coronavirus's spread and resulting lockdowns on its supply chain management technology to monitor its acquisitions.

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