Advanced Battlefield Management System (ABMS)

Air Force inks new ABMS concept document

by • 3 days ago

The new document sets in motion work on a range of topics associated with implementing ABMS in the Air Force.

Air Force to trial Wi-Fi hotspot-like tech in tankers and fast jets

by • 2 months ago

New communications pods should allow aircraft to relay data securely to the ground without having to land.

New multi-domain operations software running in Air Combat Command

by • 3 months ago

Kessel Run developed software that hosts nine applications to enable multi-domain operations for Air Combat Command.

Latest ABMS tests break new barriers on AI and edge cloud capabilities

by • 4 months ago

The latest test inserted AI into the so-called kill chain, tested base security features and deployed new tactical-edge cloud systems to power the Internet of Military Things.

DARPA program that could enable JADC2 at risk of slipping through the bureaucratic cracks

by • 5 months ago

DARPA coded a program that can write its own software to build networks on the fly. But the program is at risk of falling through the cracks of the sustainment process.

Under new deal, NORAD gets new capabilities for defensive JADC2

by • 6 months ago

NORAD is advancing the JADC2 concept of linking sensors and big data to secure the U.S. airspace.