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Census Bureau ‘comfortable’ with IT as census response deadline looms

by • 4 weeks ago

A timeline is in place for completing testing of the systems that will process census data that prioritizes those needed immediately, according to one senior executive.

A remote-work headache for the FBI: Accessing unclassified data is harder than it should be

by • 3 months ago

The challenge is that a lot of unclassified data resides on FBI legacy systems that otherwise are not available remotely, says the FBI Laboratory's Gurvais Griss.

HHS changed its business model in building the White House coronavirus system

by • 4 months ago

HHS Protect currently collects more than 200 data sets from every state and territory. A lot of commercial off-the-shelf technology is involved.

DOT agencies adding data leadership while simplifying regulations

by • 10 months ago

The department is using natural language processing to analyze its regulations and measure their complexity for lawyers to refactor.

Sports cars, cow paths and IT infrastructure — HHS’s modernization dilemma

by • 3 years ago

You wouldn't drive a fancy car down an old dirt road — so why, wondered HHS CIO Beth Killoran, would you put new technology on an old infrastructure?

Federal CIO Tony Scott outlines his digital priorities

by • 6 years ago

Tony Scott, in his first public speech as federal CIO, highlights his agenda and what being CIO at Disney, Microsoft and VMware taught him.

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