agile development

New software factory is ‘by soldiers, for soldiers,’ Army says

by • 3 weeks ago

Like the Air Force's Kessel Run project, the Army's software factory will put important coding projects directly in the hands of military personnel instead of private companies.

Why open source solutions are playing a more powerful role in enterprise IT

by • 3 months ago

Open source gives agencies the ability to improve digital services faster, more securely while protecting against the perils of vendor lock-in.

Building resiliency in government services with open source

by • 3 months ago

SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato shares how open source strategies help IT leaders operate to preserve flexibility for IT investments over the long term.

Adopting agile mindsets can help agencies ace their FITARA scorecards

by • 4 months ago

In this contributed op-ed, Red Hat's David Egts explains how agencies can develop core agile principles to make their modernization efforts worthy of an “A” grade.

Agencies struggle with DevOps procurement

by • 5 months ago

Agile procurement requires a culture shift in government, according to a new ACT-IAC white paper.

Leaders share how agencies bring agility into application development

by • 6 months ago

Agency IT leaders in a new video series discuss examples of how open source and cloud-based applications are helping them deliver updates at greater speeds.

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