AI Innovators

Government, industry leaders assess the impact of AI at federal agencies

by • 3 years ago

Artificial intelligence practitioners share their expectations on ways AI will likely help the federal workforce deliver on agency missions.

GAO’s chief scientist on the rise of the chief data officer and AI technologies

by • 3 years ago

GAO's Timothy Persons on why government CIOs and CDOs need to work together to de-risk algorithms and AI technologies in test-bed environments.

Accenture’s Margaret Smith on how AI tools help agencies improve public safety

by • 3 years ago

Analytics expert says AI helps agencies take advantage of computer vision and object recognition technologies to get better insights from video data.

Director of DOD’s AI center on why workforce challenges undermine project implementation

by • 3 years ago

Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan says the future of US national security requires a workforce that grew up using artificial intelligence.

GSA’s Keith Nakasone on delivering AI solutions with IT schedule 70 program

by • 3 years ago

GSA’s deputy assistant commissioner urges collaboration to support processes and governance around data privacy and strengthen the efficacy of artificial intelligence tools.

Veterans Affairs CTO says AI tools are most effective when databases are modernized

by • 3 years ago

Charles Worthington on how the VA is trying to bring together disparate databases to train AI models and improve business practices.