Civil liberties watchdog expected to return with renewed focus on facial recognition

by • 6 months ago

The appointment of Sharon Bradford Franklin and Beth Williams will restore the oversight board to its five-member complement.

AWS DOD exec on the military’s use of edge compute to enhance mission outcomes

by • 6 months ago

Cedric George on how military and defense agencies are using cutting-edge cloud technologies to increase speed to mission.

How collaboration platforms improve agency access to data and AI algorithm sharing

by • 7 months ago

To meet a key requirement of the Data Strategy 2021 Action Plan, digital data marketplaces are one way to facilitate collaboration around AI algorithms, says new report.

Leveraging high-speed, distributed cloud environments to harness AI-from-anywhere

by • 7 months ago

IT leaders from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Equinix and Verizon discuss capitalizing on machine learning tools to meet mission outcomes.