DARPA taps software company for terrorist threat modeling

by Carten Cordell • 1 year ago

An Arlington, Virginia, software company has been tasked with helping DARPA build data models to help predict future terrorist attacks.

Intelligence community taps Zoomdata for improved data visualization

by Mackenzie Carmen • 3 years ago

The investment from Intelligence Community strategic investor will give agencies access to more big data visualization tools from Zoomdata.

New FCC tool shows how broadband access impacts health

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

The Federal Communications Commission’s Connect2Health Task Force unveiled a new data-driven map Tuesday to help illustrate how health care and broadband issues correlate across America.

Analytics key to agencies in big data explosion

by Billy Mitchell • 3 years ago

In the era of pervasive connectivity, the federal government has seen an explosion of data at its disposal, requiring the use of powerful analytics tool digest that data and put it to use to benefit society, federal IT officials and industry executives said.

Survey: Though fearful of IoT, companies forge ahead with it

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

Ninety percent of organizations lack full confidence in their Internet of Things security but 85 percent are considering exploring or implementing newer network strategies, according to a new CEO guide​ released by AT&T.

White House data guru to counties: Unlock your data

by Jake Williams • 3 years ago

At the National Association of Counties’ Tech Innovation Summit, White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil told counties data silos are the 'biggest blocker' for data-driven innovation.

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