Army launches personnel records app


The new application is projected to have a million users by December.

2020 in review: Pentagon leads federal DevSecOps efforts


The Department of Defense leads the rest of government but often finds itself creating specific programs to work down tech debt for analyzing weapon systems.

As data-sharing becomes more crucial, agencies say industry can help with privacy issues


The Census Bureau and others are looking for help, especially with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology that could help fight the coronavirus pandemic while protecting people's identities.

Northern Command calls upon Palantir, Apple and others to bring new tech to coronavirus fight


NORTHCOM partnered with tech companies to develop apps for the military's COVID-19 response personnel to communicate directly with the commanding general.

‘CEOs are stepping up’ free-of-charge. How the tech industry is helping government during COVID-19


The tech sector is "stepping up" to help the government as it struggles with the unprecedented demand of responding to the COVID crisis and the consequent teleworking.

Census Bureau hopes Siri and Alexa can help it reach hard-to-count populations


The agency is teaming up with digital assistant companies to build custom 2020-related integrations.