BAE Systems

DOD awards $699M contract to support supercomputing resource centers


BAE Systems has been tapped to supply a variety of services and capabilities to bolster high performance computing (HPC) efforts across multiple military components. 

Palantir, BAE score $823M contract to modernize Army’s Distributed Common Ground System


The companies will compete for orders to build out a strategic data platform for the system under the larger seven-year contract, according to an award notice.

BAE Systems launches Robotics Operations Center for intelligence services


BAE Systems has launched a "Robotics Operations Center" to continue building RPA and other AI and ML products for intelligence agencies.

BAE Systems gets $5.2M DARPA contract to develop advanced cyberdefense tools


BAE Systems will be tasked with developing tools that identify and fight off threats on networks that are too big and complex to defend using traditional cybersecurity tools.