Brad Smith

Basic cybersecurity standards must start with procurements, experts say

by • 1 year ago

Agencies will avoid becoming victims of future hacks, like the one SolarWinds experienced, by considering the risks of software before they buy.

Microsoft president won’t commit to moratorium on sale of facial recognition to federal law enforcement

by • 2 years ago

Brad Smith would only say no federal law enforcement agency currently uses his company's technology and it wouldn't be used in scenarios that lead to bias.

Consumer consent is emphasis of senators’ new facial-recognition bill

by • 3 years ago

The bill would require companies to let consumers know when facial recognition is being used in a public space.

Microsoft workers protest DOD augmented reality contract

by • 3 years ago

The latest in the ethics battle between the DOD and America's tech employees.

Americans don’t think government should restrict use of facial recognition tech, survey says

by • 3 years ago

The results of a Center for Data Innovation survey suggest Americans are willing to trade any privacy concerns for public safety and conveniences like faster airport screening.

Here’s what facial recognition regulation should look like, according to Microsoft

by • 3 years ago

Smith also debuted Microsoft's six principles for use of the technology.